Cabinz is a Booking Management tools that supports organisation to effectively manage infrastructure and workspace. Efficiently track & manage department/cost centre/project wise space allocation, seat assignment during the increase work-from-home era. Easy setup of space, simple work flow, monitoring. It streamlines the reservation and usage of common & individual facilities/equipment by businesses within a building. Facility booking, approval, and billing operations across organizations enhance operational efficiency. Meeting rooms, conference halls, office space, etc., can be booked through the system seamlessly.

Key Features
  • Facilities directory
  • Booking requests, approval workflows
  • Confirmation, rejection, suggestion of alternate facilities
  • Re-allocation, cancellation, block/extend a booking
  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp notifications on requests, approvals, and cancellation
  • Billing of reservations & cancellations
  • Managing of inventories for booked facilities
  • Billing with payment gateway integration
  • Reserve car parking spaces
  • Utilization analysis
  • Manage all bookings over the web and mobile apps
  • Use QR codes users to scan and instantly mark attendance at the facility

Cabinz integrates with multiple directories and HR platforms, third-party applications and single sign-on solutions.

Cabinz App

  • Effortlessly Book & manage Individual workspace, meeting rooms with our mobile app on the move!
  • Overview of scheduled meetings at a glance in a visual floor plan
  • Quick & advanced facility booking


  • You remove the human element, which means less room for error
  • Your company data is safe and secure
  • You can allocate roles and permissions appropriately
  • Booking in advance is simple, as you can easily see when the desk you want will become available
  • You gain access to important data and analytics through real-time reporting
  • You can use this data to track adoption rates, spot operational deficiencies and determine the success of the desk booking program
  • There are no limits to size; as your organization grows, the system grows with you



  • Company Setup
  • Location Setup
  • No of Seats
  • Access to Employees
  • Approval access
  • Tagging Employees to Manager
  • Reports


  • Booking
  • Approval
  • Reports


  • Booking
  • Attendance
  • Reports

Flexibility To Work Anywhere

Streamlined Booking
Time Savings